What is VERTEX?

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What is VERTEX?


is a real-time AV Production Suite.

offers a multi user work environment for visual and audio content, programming devices and management of control data.

has got a discrete preview function that allows for editing and monitoring your show independently from the main output(s) - regardless of time or space  

is a versatile toolbox making your daily work easier and, above all, quicker.

VERTEX Principles

Focus on a quick and easy workflow for everyday standard tasks.

VERTEX takes care of your project data and its sharing - even in multi client environments. So you can focus on your real work and don't have to worry about keeping your data up to date.

Clean UI for basic tasks. Additional editors and settings exist when higher complexity is needed.

Cuelists vs timelines - so what? Choose your preferred type and workflow.

Use 2D and/or 3D previews - VERTEX suits your project's needs. Why working in a 3D environment when there is no need for that in your project?

Prepared for complex task and control logic: link devices, stream media and add a logic  - from easy level up to advanced installations.

VERTEX accompanies you from simple to complex projects.

This Quick Start Guide

will help you to set up your first system.

will give you the first rough insights about the basic UI and system principles of VERTEX.

will guide you to make your first project and play out your first video.