video in free sync stops


1. when I run a video in freesync and the timeline is stopped, the video stops playing for a few seconds, then it continues playing.
I use H264 HD Videos (nothing hard...)
Audio runs through, s when the video runs again, audio is no more in sync...

Jan Huewel 5/30/2023

Hi thank you for letting us know please use the latest 2023 R2 version where this issue has been fixed.


Hi Jan,
just found a solution:
it works if you set the clips to playback sync but with "free sync on pause cue" on


you recently sent me a beta version (2023.05.14.0641) 
 because of my problems with DMX 16 bit. (scrolling in16bit values). Will this function also be there in this R2 version?

Jan Huewel 6/1/2023

Yes, this is now a default feature. For support questions please feel free to send your questions to