Blanm screen

Alberto Cauzzi 2/15/2023

Good morning, i have a big problem about sharing on video files between edit and player. I have an edit and a play license with two outputs. I tried them all, I disabled the firewall, changed the network cards but nothing. The player sees and remains connected to the edit PC but does not see the video clip on output, black screen. the first tests I did worked but after changing some items in the vertex preferences and something else in vertex now it doesn't work anymore. what could it depend on? Thanks, Alberto

Martin Kuhn 2/15/2023

Dear Alberto

In the application, please go to help and send ticket and open a ticket. Our Support team will gladly help you.

Alberto Cauzzi 2/15/2023

at the moment I'm out of the office and not in front of the software, but I would need a minimum of information to calm down

Alberto Cauzzi 2/15/2023