Flikers wen full screen and select system icon

Alberto Cauzzi 2/2/2023

Good evening,
when vertex is full screen and you select system to check or change configurations the output flickers.
How come ?

Jan Huewel 2/3/2023

Can you describe how it flickers or send a support email to support@ioversal.com so we can exchange more info.

What is your gpu config Windows10 or Windows 11, is the flicker permanent or only a short time.

I have seen a fullscreen flicker with large resolutions where the nvidia driver was acting weird, a solution to this was to change the fullscreen windows size in Vertex 

Jan Huewel 2/3/2023

Another option could be to turn off the 'top most' checkbox in the system, does this help?

Alberto Cauzzi 2/4/2023

win 11 system with nvidia 3060 6Gb on hp omen laptop 40Gb mem. 
The resolution is 3840x1080.
It flickers once after you are in fulscreen and select the system icon, then it doesn't do it again.
Another thing is that if I activate a stream then after being in full screen mode the stream is not displayed on the outputs but only in the render editor window. To be able to see it on the outputs, you must exit the full screen and reactivate the full screen.