artnet test

Alberto Cauzzi 1/25/2023

I'm trying out artnet. I followed a tutorial on youtube.
Does artnet come out of the trial version?
On the same machine I have artnetominator but it doesn't see any signal.
how come ?
Thanks, Alberto

Jan Huewel 1/26/2023

Hi as long as you set and artnet output routing in the dmx output routing window in vertex and you have a device that actually processes DMX then also the trial version will send artnet. However it is possible that when multiple applications on the same computer try to access the same ports this may cause conflicts. I would recommend to run the artnet tester on a separate pc in the network

Alberto Cauzzi 1/26/2023

Ok Jan.
Vertex is much clearer than Pandora.
Good job !!

Jan Huewel 1/26/2023

Thank you