Nested sequences


As written in the manual I want to use a sequence as a content container in another sequence. It is added to the timeline but it shows nothing on the canvas when I play it. Is there anything more to keep in mind than dropping it to the timeline?
Thanks in advance

Jan Huewel 11/30/2022

-Create a sequence 1 where you want to insert a nested sequence. 
-Create Sequence 2 add some content to it, 
-Turn off/deactivate Sequence2 to avoid double rendering
-drag drop sequence 2 into sequence 1 
Now it will render the seq2 as nested seq in seq1
This is it.

Tobias Reichert 12/1/2022

Great, that is what I did. I got it working in a test project with 1920x1080px content.
In my usecase the canvas has a different size (40960 x 144px). Unfortunately the sequence as content always has a size of 1920x1080. Is there any way to adjust that? Furthermore, the sequence is displayed as content with 25fps, although the sequence is set to 60fps and the clips in it have 60fps. But is this only a representation for the calculation of the timeline time or is the nested sequence then only rendered at 25fps?


Jan Huewel 12/1/2022

When using a nested sequence a nested sequence content is created where you can set the texture size, or you use the viewpoint fov of the nested sequence clip container. The fps is inherited from the host sequence where the sequence is in use. I hope this helps

Tobias Reichert 12/2/2022

Thanks, this helps a bit. I tried both options.
Using the fov only distorts the image which i could scale afterwards with a bad quality.
Using the texture size seems right in my case. Somehow I have to leave it at 1080px height becasue otherwise the height (actually only 144px needed) is squezzed. As soon as I exceed a width of about 16.000px width the nested sequence is not rendered anymore. Is this a software limitation or an issue of my hardware (Xenon processor and Nvidia A4000)? 

Jan Huewel 12/2/2022

DirectX 11 has a limit of 16384pixels per texture in both width and height, this is the maximum you can do but this can also have a performance impact

Tobias Reichert 12/2/2022

Thanks, that makes sense. Do you have another idea in mind how i could add a combination of 4 predefined clip containers with a defined length with one click (or one drag and drop) to the timeline?
I have about 40 combinations (each one consists of 4 clip containers with a total size of 40960x144px and 30.5 seconds) that I need to use multiple times in different sequences.

Jan Huewel 12/2/2022

It is possible to drag drop multiple contents onto a sequence. You could create collections for your clip or content groups and drag drop these onto a track to populate all following tracks. Another option is to use the default track presets or templates to auto assign specific values after dropping new content and generating new clips. Maybe this helps to speed up your workflow

Tobias Reichert 12/4/2022

Unfortunately both ways do not drop any clip containers onto the timeline. Please find the video attached.

IMG_5943 2_1.mp4

Jan Huewel 12/5/2022

Please drag drop the items from the tile or list view to the sequence. You are trying to dag drop a collection from the treeview this is currently not (yet) supported