No Sound or Audio File audible

Jan Huewel 2/4/2022

In case you can not hear any sound from your sound files there are a few things you can check:
-System Audio Settings, is audio device initialized?
-System Volume > -60db
-PME Volume/Mixlevel > -60db
-Playback Volume/Mixlevel >-60db
-ClipContainer Volume >-60db

if this still does not help, please check the track or clip audio channel map settings in case you audio is routed to a different output channel


Some troubleshooting steps that I might add from experience:
 - In the properties of the system where your audio device is connected, make sure its mode is set correctly (usually you want it to be "live")
 - Especially if you're working with multiple systems, check that the correct system is set under "Audio System" in the properties of the canvas

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