Change value with osc

Alberto Cauzzi 11/9/2023

Good evening, I am trying osc to control a movement value of an element, say Y position, with touchosc but I can't figure out how to use it.
I am using version 1934
In the test I added an OSC receiver device.
The port is 9000.
In Main address I tried putting either the command (/MyFader) or the tablet ip ( but then I can't figure out what to put in the source field but nothing seems to happen.
Then to assign the received value I have to assign it via script ?
Using Protokol I see that the values on pc where vertex runs come in but I don't understand some use it.
Do you have any additional information ?
On the online manual there is no mention of it.

Jan Huewel 11/14/2023

The Vertex OSC Receiver could be used to read osc commands to trigger scripts or to update values of properties that have been assigned to the osc receiver source property.
We will add the osc received value as property to allow to wire this explicitly to a property. How ever using the source property will be most efficient