Non-continuous projection surface

Alberto Cauzzi 11/3/2023

Good evening, I understand that what you see in the picture does not make much sense, but it is to make it clearer, I hope :D, what I mean.
If I have a projection on areas that are far apart how can I maintain the various distances for continuity of the projected image ?
I tried with a canvas by adding various surfaces but that way I have to go a bit by eye.
I tried with adding several canvases by aligning the surfaces on the canvas but even then I have to go by eye, plus I have to add multiple tracks with the same content to get it out on another canvas.
The best result was, but I think this is not the way, to split each output into n. surfaces and activate those that are of interest by assigning them to the canvas.
What could be the method ?


Jan Huewel 11/3/2023

It depends are you using a single machine for all surfaces? then you can organize all in one canvas.

If you use multiple machines then you could use multiple canvases to optimize performance

Alberto Cauzzi 11/3/2023

Thank you Jan.
Yes I use only one machine but the method of dividing the canvas into different surfaces is right ?
If I used everything on the same machine do I have to add as many tracks, with the same content, as the exact canvas ?
The problem is the distances between the projection areas which I should always do by eye