Change font and colour in UI



I'm new to vertex. Couldn't get a clue in the manuals.

Is there a way to change the colour, size and font of the user interface in vertex? Some colours are exhausting the eye and I can't find the settings for the user interface.

Some command options in scripting are strange blue colour and not readable when marked.

Is there a configuration file for colour and font?

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Jan Huewel 9/21/2023

Hi Bernd
there is no setting yet to change the font and color. The scripting editors have their own set of color schemes.
are you working in a dark or bright environment?
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Hi Jan,
thanks for the quick answer!
The background is black, so it would be the dark environmant I guess. Now I will look out for an adjustment to bright.
Also I will try to script in another editor/IDE and try to copy & paste.

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Cannot find where I can change the UI to "bright environment". There's no property in the project settings.
Can somebody help?

Jan Huewel 9/22/2023

Hi we do not have such a feature yet. For feature requests please feel free to send an email to so we can track it and work on it